Volunteering in Indonesia Program


Currently we have volunteer placements at the WINS Learning Centers in Bali and in Java, but in the near future we also plan to facilitate placements at other alternative organisations in Indonesia as well.

WINS has 5 Learning Centers in Bali, and two Leaening Centers in Java, where you are welcome to do your Voluntary work.

>   Yayasan Widya Guna, in Bedulu,

>   Yayasan Seraya Bundar, in Seraya,

>   Yayasan Widya Sari, in Tianyar,

>   Yayasan Bali Sahaja, in Kerta,

> Yayasan Belajar Masa Depan, in Samsaman.

The WINS Learning Centers

The WINS Program is also implemented in Aceh, in North Sumatra, however, due to the current political situation, we are unable to send volunteers to Aceh.

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