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Samsaman is a village in the region of Tabanan, in the western part of Bali.

It’s a beautiful quite tranquil area of terraced rice paddy’s, and hills, where you can walk for hours and enjoy the nature of Bali.

The Learning Center in Samsaman is just recently setup (february 2014).

Currently there is only 1 classroom, but we intent to have all other buildings ready by the end of 2014.

Yayasan Belajar Masa depan is a cooperation between WINS

and the Dutch Foundation: Stichting Indonesie 2007.

Learning Center Yayasan Belajar Masa Depan, in Samsaman





Transport  tariff  (One way) :

Currently there is no accomodation at the The Learning Center in Samsaman. The guesthouses are buing built, and we expect them to be ready by April 2014

There are lodging houses nearby, and many more at Balian Beach, just 20 minutes away.

Room tariffs vary starting from 150.000 a night.

Everything from a private villa to a resort to a classic Bali home stay can be found in Balian.

Transport facilities

The team

The Learning Center is managed by director Ms. Ketut Sunarmi. 

She is dedicated to help the unprivileged children in her village.

Yayasan Sanggar Belajar Masa Depan

Banjar Samsaman Kaja.  

Desa Angkah

Kecamatan Selemadeg Barat (post code 82 162)

Tabanan regency, Bali.


Per Day   

Per Month                        

Scooter rent

Things to do in Samsaman

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The Learning Center does not have own transportaion facilities.  Transport can be arranged from the Bedulu Learning Center.

Renting a scooter is another option. There are many local scooter rentals.

Sawah trekking

The population of Samaman are mainly rice farmers, so the area has a beautiful view of terraced rice paddy’s and hills, where you can do sawah trekking.  The children are happy to guide you.

Balian Beach

Just 10 km from Samsaman is Balian Beach,  one of the most relaxing destinations on Bali.

There are good waves to do some surfing,  or you can just chill, enjoy a cocktail, and watch the sunset.

Watch the local fishermen cast their nets, and if you love Yoga,  there is also a the Balian Yoga Retreat, 





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For more detailed information about the Learning Center Yayasan Belajar Masa Depan, please refer to:


  2. download the information book for volunteers

  3. Call Ms. Ketut Sunarmi  at +62(0)81337105741

  4. or contact us

just 200 meters from the Center there is a traditional inn Foundation (toilet outside)

Price : Rp. 70,000 per person including breakfast .

Lunch or dinner:  Rp. 30.000

Volunteer accomodation in Samsaman

From left to right:

- Ms. Trudy vd Maden ( Indonesie 2007)

- Ms. Antoinette Peters (VIP-International)

- Ms, Cherie Leijer  (WINS Netherlands)

- Ms Ketut Sunarmi (Learning Center Samsaman)