Volunteering in Indonesia Program


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Learning Center  ‘Yayasan Bali Sahaja’  in Kerta,  Bali

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Yayasan Bali Sahaja is an Indonesian non-profit organisation, established in 2013 in the village of Kerta, in the region of Payangan, Bali, Indonesia, in cooperation with WINS and the PEP Foundation.

Both education and tourism are proven ways to reduce poverty, if done in sustainable ways.

When people are well-educated, health problems, corruption and environmental problems are significantly reduced. Education also gives people better work opportunities and allows them to lift their families out of poverty.

The team

The WINS Learning Center is managed by Mr. Nikolaus Suyasa  and Ms. Made Mariawanti.

They will be your contact for your volunteership.

‘’We are determined to give the disadvantaged young people of Bali the opportunity to rise above their poverty and live up to their full potential in a sustainable way.’’


The Learning Ccenter in Kerta is just recently set up, and  does not have it’s own volunteer guesthouses yet.

There are guesthouses near the The Learning Center.

Cancellation charge

Cancellation within 24 hours up on the arrival day, 

50% from the booking price is charged.

Sewu Nusa (a comercial accommodation nearby).

This home stay family has 2 bedrooms and able to accommodate max of 4 people.

Breakfast can be either indonesian or western style.

Room tariff: (Breakfast included)

Price                100.000 per person, per night     

Family home stay.

Room tariff: (Breakfast included)

Room type     Private room, per night     Double room 2 persons

Price                 150.000 per person             250.000 per room


Transport  tariff  (One way) :





250.000, per car load

1 to 4 people incl luggage



150.000 per car load

1 to 6 people


Per day

Motor bike rent 

Per month



There are a few small "warung" or cafe’s in the Kerta area, where you can go for lunch or dinner.

The local Payangan market is also an option.

The price for a portion of local lunch or dinner will range between IDR 15.000 to IDR 25.000.

Meal costs