Volunteering in Indonesia Program


We can arrange housing for you during your stay in Indonesia, near to the Learning Centers, and if available, at the Learning Center itself.

Most of the WINS Learning Centers have guestroom accomodation. You will be staying with the family of the Management team, and you will experience the  daily life in the village.

By staying at the Learning Center guestrooms, you also support them, for this is an extra source of income, that makes it possible for them to run their Learning Centers, as a self-sufficient organisation.


Volunteer guesthouse in Bedulu

Volunteer guesthouse in Seraya

Volunteer guesthouse in Tianyar

Learning Center Bedulu, Bali.

There are 2 guestrooms, 2 minutes walking distance away from the Learning Center.

The guestrooms are located atthe compound of Mr. Ketut and Ms Nyoman, the management team of the Learning Center.

More guesthouses are available in the village near the Learning Center.

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Learning Center  Tianyar, Bali

The Learning Center provides three different rooms for our volunteers.  Two rooms have two beds, a ceiling fan, and an en-suite, western-style bathroom. Two volunteers can share these rooms at a time.

The third room has one large bed, a ceiling fan, and an en- suite, western-style bathroom.

As there is only one bed, it is normally offered to couples,or  to volunteers who do not mind sharing a big bed with a friend

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Learning Center  Seraya, Bali

Seraya is a remote village at the most eastern part of Bali.

There are 2 guestrooms at the Learning Center itself.

Other guesthouses are available at 15 minutes distance from the village

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Learning Center Yayasan Belajar Masa Depan, in Samsaman, Bali

Currently there is no accomodation at the The Learning Center in Samsaman. The guesthouses are buing built, and we expect them to be ready by April 2014

There are lodging houses nearby, and many more at Balian Beach, just 20 minutes away.

Everything from a private villa to a resort to a classic Bali home stay can be found in Balian.

Room tariffs vary starting from 150.000 a night.

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Learning Center Bali Sahaja, in Kerta, Bali

The Learning Center in Kerta is just recently set up, and  does not have it’s own volunteer guesthouses yet.

There are guesthouses nearby, and everything from a private villa to a resort to a classic Bali home stay can be found in Ubud, 40 minutes away.

Room tariffs vary starting from 150.000 a night.

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